David was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1979.


His artistic work incorporates the studio and field, creating popular song, sonic art, video, image, amongst other activities. He has a personalised approach that carries a domestic concern.


David started recording music in his bedroom (a constant to this very day)and started performing original music in his teenage years. He was in a number of Brisbane rock bands include doornail, greef, headrush, six in a box. 


He studied a B.A. in music and visual art and a B.Mus with honours in music technology and electroacoustic music.  David lived In New Zealand between 2007-2014, working at the University of Auckland Music School as a teacher of sound production and electroacoustic music and a technical facilitator of sound studios and live performance. He currently works independently in Brisbane.


Over the years his work has been presented in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia.


As a collaborator, he has worked with artists such as John Cousins, Fritz Hauser, Simon Emerson, John Young, Leigh Landy, Metamkine, Richard Nunns, Jan Bas Bollen, Ros Bandt, Martin Wesley-Smith, John Coulter, Mike Norris, Gerardo Dirie, Jose Halac, Phil Dadson, Roger Manins, Ron Samsom, Alex Bennett (Sound Recordings), Kane Mazlin (Hungry Kids of Hungary)...





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